Sunday, 9 October 2011

After the death of STEVE JOBS

After Steve death, I've been thinking a lot. The word that keep spinning in my head is 'do not settled until u've find what u loved to do'. What I love to do????
Honestly I love to speak, I have this ability to gain people trust and able to convince people to do the right thing totally up to their judgement, what I do is only guide.
Therefore, I've been thinking to use my advantage for the greater good. Since I have knowledge in doing research and I loved to share this knowledge with people out there, especially who is currently persuing their PhD. If u feel like u need to talk with somebody, to ask about research or anything that may involved resulted of your research, pls feel free to drop me a note, we can start from there.
U know what, I loved to share my it not mine, its from Allah The Almighty so, I feel responsible to share and expand this knowledge to all. May Allah bless me in doing this coz I know this is what I like to do, InsyaAllah.
Therefore, from now on my blog name is officially changed to PhD 'Dr CT Research Clinic' ^___^' Bismilillahirrahminirrahim.......

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