Wednesday, 8 February 2012

When u feel low

Life is a journey, whatever we r doing right now is part of the journey. If you feel low, let the feel pass by then face the problem, don't ever neglect it. Coz the problem is a sign, don't neglect the sign. Find the best way within your ability to overcome the hurdle and challenge. In worst case scenario, always remember that 'this too will pass by'. Don't worry so much, stop worrying so much for something that not happened yet, u r wasting your energy towards something empty. Your mind and emotion is a very powerful tool, it becomes extremely extraordinary powerful the time you surrender yourself to Allah. Trust me, the good things will start to happen. Try for yourself n you'll see.

Friday, 27 January 2012

And the Tips continues....

Tips 2: Sehebat mana pun perancangan anda, elemen risiko dalam PhD mmg tidak dapat dielakkan, lebih2 lagi bila banyak faktor adalah di luar kawalan kita, namun kuasa 'Tawakkal' adalah sgt hebat dan yakinlah Allah will give us a hand in a way u can't even imagine.

Tips 3: Your 1st initial of LR process should be tru 600-800 articles/paper/books (various source) which called the process of 'Bird eye scanning' before you focus to 200-300 articles to narrow it down. The big wave of LR process usually happened between 4-6 times along the PhD journey.

Tips 4: Find only the expert in the area that u want to be good at, so that u'll save your time i.e: not everyone expert in critical writing in LR, n will b others expert in RM or analysis or concuclusion writing. So go seek the expert advice, everyone hv their own talent n advantage.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Back in Business!

I feel guilty if I'm not sharing my experience & knowledge tru this platform. Today I create new FB page to helps others in any way that I can. My FB acc for this 'PhD DR CT Research Clinic'. Pls feel free to add this page and you can ask me anything about research in general and also for other area that relate directly with my expertise.
As for now, I manage to throw 1 workshop in Qualitative analaysis using Nvivo. 1 group coaching & few personal coaching. In the near future I manage to throw 1 workshop in RM n it will be conducted in early Feb. I will shoot the tutoring sessions in order to be used by those interested. That's all for now, last but not least, tips for today :
Tips 1: When you first started your PhD, you know you have a guts to do it. So just make it happened, finish it & wrap it up!

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Although there are many readers for this blog, but still..... there is lack of response related to my intention of dedicating this blog for PhD research clinic, which I intend to share my knowledge & experience in doing research. Therefore, I've decided not to update frequently after this, however this blog will remain as my archive. Thnx to all my readers.

Monday, 24 October 2011

My 1st workshop

Alhamdulillah, my 1st workshop for 'Qualitative analysis using Nvivo' that I run has been successfully carried out and achieving its objectives. All participants are very satisfied with the outcome at the end of the program. Hopefully this knowledge will expand and be useful to them n others, InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

As for today

As for today, 3 people had seek advice from me regarding their research. 1 from Unisel & 1 from UMP seek my consultation for one to one coaching to analyse their research data using Nvivo. The other 0ne is my fren from Salford Uni who'd asked about how to formulate interview questions for pilot study n main data collection, we've done this tru YM voice calling as I'm using Iphone so there is no problem for me to receive the call anywhere. But if u wanna call me from outside Malaysia, there are so many medium we can use to get connected, ie; facetime, viber, ym...ops! skype i dont have :)
This weekend I will be throwing my 1st one day workshop with 10 participants, as this my 1st time I hope n pray to Allah everything will work smoothly n succeed, InsyaAllah. Wish me luck ya!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

After the death of STEVE JOBS

After Steve death, I've been thinking a lot. The word that keep spinning in my head is 'do not settled until u've find what u loved to do'. What I love to do????
Honestly I love to speak, I have this ability to gain people trust and able to convince people to do the right thing totally up to their judgement, what I do is only guide.
Therefore, I've been thinking to use my advantage for the greater good. Since I have knowledge in doing research and I loved to share this knowledge with people out there, especially who is currently persuing their PhD. If u feel like u need to talk with somebody, to ask about research or anything that may involved resulted of your research, pls feel free to drop me a note, we can start from there.
U know what, I loved to share my it not mine, its from Allah The Almighty so, I feel responsible to share and expand this knowledge to all. May Allah bless me in doing this coz I know this is what I like to do, InsyaAllah.
Therefore, from now on my blog name is officially changed to PhD 'Dr CT Research Clinic' ^___^' Bismilillahirrahminirrahim.......