Tuesday, 18 October 2011

As for today

As for today, 3 people had seek advice from me regarding their research. 1 from Unisel & 1 from UMP seek my consultation for one to one coaching to analyse their research data using Nvivo. The other 0ne is my fren from Salford Uni who'd asked about how to formulate interview questions for pilot study n main data collection, we've done this tru YM voice calling as I'm using Iphone so there is no problem for me to receive the call anywhere. But if u wanna call me from outside Malaysia, there are so many medium we can use to get connected, ie; facetime, viber, ym...ops! skype i dont have :)
This weekend I will be throwing my 1st one day workshop with 10 participants, as this my 1st time I hope n pray to Allah everything will work smoothly n succeed, InsyaAllah. Wish me luck ya!

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