Friday, 27 January 2012

And the Tips continues....

Tips 2: Sehebat mana pun perancangan anda, elemen risiko dalam PhD mmg tidak dapat dielakkan, lebih2 lagi bila banyak faktor adalah di luar kawalan kita, namun kuasa 'Tawakkal' adalah sgt hebat dan yakinlah Allah will give us a hand in a way u can't even imagine.

Tips 3: Your 1st initial of LR process should be tru 600-800 articles/paper/books (various source) which called the process of 'Bird eye scanning' before you focus to 200-300 articles to narrow it down. The big wave of LR process usually happened between 4-6 times along the PhD journey.

Tips 4: Find only the expert in the area that u want to be good at, so that u'll save your time i.e: not everyone expert in critical writing in LR, n will b others expert in RM or analysis or concuclusion writing. So go seek the expert advice, everyone hv their own talent n advantage.

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