Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Back in Business!

I feel guilty if I'm not sharing my experience & knowledge tru this platform. Today I create new FB page to helps others in any way that I can. My FB acc for this 'PhD DR CT Research Clinic'. Pls feel free to add this page and you can ask me anything about research in general and also for other area that relate directly with my expertise.
As for now, I manage to throw 1 workshop in Qualitative analaysis using Nvivo. 1 group coaching & few personal coaching. In the near future I manage to throw 1 workshop in RM n it will be conducted in early Feb. I will shoot the tutoring sessions in order to be used by those interested. That's all for now, last but not least, tips for today :
Tips 1: When you first started your PhD, you know you have a guts to do it. So just make it happened, finish it & wrap it up!

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