Friday, 21 January 2011

Experiencing Life

PhD journey has taken almost 3.5 years of my life now. There is a lot things that we can do in three years time. I felt I'm kind of old to do something that I want so bad, plus all this while I need to waited some more.
As I flashback my memories, the 1st time I wasn't ready and it happened naturally. 2nd time I thought I was prepared but 2 b honest it's beyond my expectation n literally I catch up... naturally, but for the 3rd time in my life, I think now....I'm totally ready, well prepared n almost complete, it just.... I'm waiting for the right moment, but now..... when I want it so badly, I just can't.
So, again... I think just let Allah guide me towards the right path n I pray when the time comes I want it to be the best moment in my life. Honey.... I totally understand.

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