Thursday, 21 April 2011

Rancangan Allah utkku hr ini

Last night got text from Prof. Eddy saying he's not well n couldn't come to the office to get the green form signed. I let my boss know n she said lets speak to admin n see what they will do about it.
Literally, this morning when I arrived at the office I met my boss n she said, she just got message from Eddy asking her to call him at home. She did, n Eddy ask to send him the electronic version of the form so that he can sign on the form n email it back to me. In the meanwhile, I've printed out the final copy of the thesis n send it to binding @ U-Print for next day services, which is next Tuesday, because Tomorrow n Monday will be public holiday here in UK. It cost me around £150 all together for 3 copies.
Alhamdulillah, around 3pm, got email from Eddy returning the signed form. It's almost done now, just waiting for the hardbound copy to be submitted to the PG office next Tuesday.
Allah Almighty, just the day before... I'm stuck with no solution, but when I give it all back to HIM, HIS plan is the BEST! TQ Allah, all praise is for Allah.

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