Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The truth

it's been a while now, i'm not getting any feedback from my boss sine my first 2 chapter submission on September. The only email I get from my boss, is an angry mail about doing paper behind boss back, that is fast! honestly, i don't know what my boss really want. I've done that b'coz my last paper that I've try to submit my boss kept it for almost a year, n i react on that. Although a series of apologies had been made and other submission running as usual, other than that, my boss just kept silence.
I don't have a gut to c my boss and asked. i'm hoping there is nothing wrong, it just becoz my boss is extremely busy...i guess, since my boss not in the office so much these days. My boss kind of don't want me to bugging much, so i took the courage to be patience, until it's time...following my boss scheduled like we've been discussed it before.

Plus, i need to stay positive. Pls Allah give me strength. Pray for me, will you?

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