Monday, 21 February 2011


Alhamdulillah..... praise to Allah. Allah Almighty.

Just got positive feedback from my boss, at least ^___^ its moved a step further, syukur sgt2.

ni le emailnye kul 5.28pm td,

I've started reading the whole this again and generally ok with the corrections but I would prefer to do it in detail once the full proof reading is done. accordingly, can you pls. get the thesis proof read, and send me the whole thesis including all other sections, appendix etc.

I hope you are using a good proof reader. Pls ask the proof reader to take a printout and do the proof reading. Once 1st chapter is done. pls. bring it over for me to see in evaluating the proof reading approach.


nota kaki cagu: boss nak evaluate proof reader plak... he...he...


  1. boss tak mo akak bayar banyak tp service tak bagus :-) proof reader mana pakai ni?

  2. proof reader cni jer kat uni ni jugak :)