Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Alhamdulillah, agak dah... @ 0013 dpt email dr Mr. Neil for chapter 4, dia promised lg katanye by Saturday he will completed all the chapters. So by Sunday I can send back to him the sentences that I've corrected/rewrite ^___^ lega....
Basically tinggal satu je lg chapter yg besar iaitu Chapter 5, n the last two chapter will be less than 20 pages each.
Kalau korang nak tau, apa yg Mr. Neil offer as a proof reader, ni le yg dia cover, check it out!

*note: aku copy paste jek dr emel dia :)

A technical note

At the moment your proofed chapters are being saved as 'Microsoft Word 2007' documents with MS Word '97 and 2003 compatibility. Just let me know if this causes a problem, and I will save them differently as requested.

About the use of notes when correcting

I've begun using the 'notes' feature when proof reading text. The idea is that minor corrections or observations which are hopefully helpful to you (e.g. explaining a single-word type of correction) can be inserted quickly as notes in the margin of your original text (in a different colour), to explain why I've done something.

Comments and corrections for larger passages of text (e.g. comments about a whole sentence) will go onto a separate 'comments sheet' as usual.

If you have a preference etc and I will adjust.

itu je, proofing n editing.

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