Monday, 28 March 2011

My son asked

My son asked 'Mum, y u looked bz n still going to the office? u said your work is done'.
Me, 'yup my report is complete, but now I need to prepare for the oral examination. Remember that I've told you last time, I will have 2 brilliant Professor asked me everything about my work, then I need to defence myself, u know... like a lawyer present a good case so that he/she will win the case. That is why I'm so busy to prepare for the case (oral exam)'
He asked some more 'what is the thing that u need to prepare exactly mum?'
Me, 'I need to prepare 100 anticipated Questions from the examiner, and provide the answers'.
He said ' That is a LOT!!!'
Me, ' Yes'.
He asked 'so how long it will take, for u to do that mum'
Me, 'I hope I can complete it within a week (sambil gelak2 bengong)'.

Tibe2, aku rs cam tak cukup masa n at the same time mls pulak nk pecahkan kepala pikiaq jwpn2 kpd soklan2 yg telah pun aku listkan pg td :) wa!!!!!

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